Step by step : how to build your own travel affiliate website

March 2, 2019 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Business Solutions

When trying to find the perfect affiliate marketing niche, many people find themselves gravitating towards the travel industry. When someone is able to succeed with affiliate marketing in the travel niche, it can be insanely profitable. People often spend thousands of dollars on vacations, so even if you only earn a small commission percentage through an affiliate program, it can often stack up to quite a bit of income.

The problem most people have with the travel niche as it pertains to affiliate marketing is the competition. When you perform a Google search in the travel related industry, you see the same big players show up all the time. Sites like,, and other sites funded by million dollar ad campaigns flood the search results. So clearly it’s a niche that can’t be won. Right? Wrong.

Anyone can run this website without a business license because as a travel affiliate you are simply the gateway to send visitors to travel suppliers for commission earnings. Going the extra step and setting up a business for your site will help in the long run if you plan on growing this online business into a large well known travel site.

How do I promote my site?

We have PDF documents to teach you how to promote your site, where to go if you are looking to pay for promotional services and what to do if you would like to promote for free! We are also here to support you each step of the way as you run your travel site successfully.

What kind of web hosting do I need and where do I purchase?

No special hosting is necessary; the site can easily be hosted on any basic hosting account with no loading problems. We recommend hatchling plan. We also have our own hosting for you to choose with only $50 yearly, free for first year with any of our turnkey packages.

How do I compete with major travel booking engines?

Target a location and a niche. This is our #1 recommendation for you to succeed. Don’t compete internationally with companies that spend hundreds of thousands on marketing every day. Target 1 location and dominate it for all inbound and outbound travel and you will find great success in doing this.

How to Become Travel Affiliate With Travelerrr.Com

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