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March 3, 2019 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Travel Destinations

Some selected travel destinations that i think are a must see. Scandinavia and especially Denmark is a fabulous travel destination. The Little Mermaid Statue – If you have ever seen the Disney movie “The Little Mermaid” or read the original story by Hans Christian Andersen, then you know that the story is about a mermaid who trades in everything to live on land with a handsome prince. This statue was inspired by the story and sits on the Langelinie Pier of Copenhagen. It’s easily reached by foot or bike, but you can also view it on a boat tour. The statue is a must see and is often referred to as the symbol of Denmark.

Best Vancouver points of interest : The futuristic sphere-like building of Science World is home to a kid-friendly exploration center that explains phenomena through hands-on exhibits and demonstrations. Themes include water, air, motion, and invention. There is a theater on-site, as well as a massive IMAX screen. Visiting exhibits are often impressive and part of world tours. But back to the building, which is an unmistakable waterfront landmark in Vancouver and was originally built for Expo 86, a World’s Fair.

Seeing London at least once should be on the check list of any traveler’s. Once collectively known as the Tate Gallery, London’s two Tate galleries – Tate Britain and Tate Modern – comprise one of the world’s most important art collections. Opened in 1897 as the basis of a national collection of significant British art, the gallery continued to make acquisitions and needed more space to properly display its collections. The end result was the establishment of Tate Britain, in Millbank on the north side of the Thames, as home to its permanent collection of historic British paintings. A superbly transformed power station across the Thames became home to the modern art collections. Art lovers can spend a whole day viewing both sites, conveniently connected by high-speed ferry.

Mexico is a fabulous location if you are looking for adventure and ancient history exploration. Surrounded by the blue waters of the Caribbean Sea, just eight miles from Cancun, is Isla Mujeres. This island is a hotspot today, but it also has significance for the region’s cultural heritage. Isla Mujeres, which translates to the island of women, was sacred to the Mayan goddess of childbirth. Today, travelers arrive by ferry from Cancun to relax on the scenic beaches, visit the local turtle farm, scuba dive or snorkel in the clear waters or just relax away from the Cancun beach crowds. Read more on cheap flights.

Appian Way – The Appian Way is the most famous ancient road in Rome, connecting the city with Brindisi in southeastern Italy. Named after Appius Claudius Caecus, a Roman censor, it was originally a military road. Many historical monuments can be found along the first 8 km (5 miles) of the 560 km (350-mile) stone road today. This old highway has heavy vehicle traffic at the beginning, but is safe for pedestrians after a couple of miles.

Xcaret has three rivers you can float down and the slow-moving water is perfect for laying back and relaxing. A great break from the beach without being too far from the water.

Africa is a awesome location if you are searching for raw nature feeling. From there, you head into the lush Caprivi Strip, going on a game drive through the parks between Botswana and Angola that form an important part of the migratory corridor for elephants and other wildlife. Then it’s off to the breath-taking Okavango Delta, followed by the barren beauty of Makgadikgadi. For cheap flights please visit