Top travel locations to visit in Cancun

March 4, 2019 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Travel Destinations

Fabulous Cancun, a must see for everyone. Just a few minutes away from the Punta Nizuc end of Cancun are a number of interesting Mayan ruins known as El Rey. They are named after a mask found here that was believed to be dedicated to the sun god. Known as the El Rey Ruins (Las Ruinas del Rey), the site includes the remains of some 47 buildings along with numerous tombs built by the Mayans from AD 900 onwards. Of particular interest are the two main platforms with their temples, once part of the market and important ceremonial areas. It’s well worth taking the time to visit, and many resorts offer inexpensive outings to the site, which is also famous for the large colonies of Iguanas that live there.

Downtown is one of the many places in Cancun most tourists seem to skip in exchange for beach visits or other activities. But if you want a more authentic feel of Cancun away from the Hotel Zone (which sometimes feels like the Vegas strip) then you’ll want to head downtown. Downtown is home to a plethora of activities and restaurants offering a look into local life, a trip here is one of the better things to do in Cancun for sure.

If you are looking to do a bit of souvenir shopping Mercado 28 (Market 28) is the perfect place. Mercado 28 is a flea-market style shopping area that has an abundance of handmade items, pottery, t-shirts, and souvenirs. Expect to bargain with the shop owners, most of them can be aggressive with their pricing but if you are willing to haggle you might just manage to find yourself a great deal. If you ever travel to Cancun and you need a transfer Cancun you can check Land Savvy Transfers in Cancun.

Get in the water and interact with friendly dolphins, sea lions, and manatees at Dolphin Discovery Isla Mujeres – one of the most popular experiences in Cancun.

You’ll get to do fun activities with the dolphins, like foot pushes, dorsal tows, kisses, hand targets, and more. Watch playful sea lions walk and interact with their human companions and then head over to the manatee habitat where you can feed the large mammals lettuce and learn all about their nutrition, habitats, and manatee conservation efforts.

This experience includes roundtrip ferry transportation to Isla Mujeres from Cancun, interactive experiences with dolphins, sea lions, and manatees, access to the VIP lounge, continental breakfast, and an all-you-can-eat lunch buffet with open bar.

It takes a two-hour drive and a 20-minute ferry ride to get to Isla Holbox from Cancun. But more and more nature-lovers are being drawn to this sleepy, remote fishing village, and “Bird Island” is one of its main attractions.

Located on the picturesque Yalahau lagoon, the 200-foot-wide island is protected by mangrove swamps, brush and cactus, with just two observation points and walkways. No humans are allowed to walk on the island.

As a result, it’s a bird-watcher’s paradise that’s home to over 150 different species of birds crowding the island’s trees and shoreline. The ones we saw during our two visits included double crested cormorants, ducks, reddish and snowy egrets, frigate birds, herons, roseate spoonbills, and rare white pelicans.