Domestic travel insurance

May 16, 2019 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Business Solutions

Travel insurance is very important in case unexpected events occurs. What happens if: You lose your passport? Travel insurance is not intended to be a substitute for your health insurance policy in your home country. Whilst there is a medical component in your travel insurance policy that can cover a sudden illness or accident, the level of that cover depends on what plan and provider you choose!

Most travelers think of travel insurance as the first type – a package plan, which is a comprehensive travel insurance policy that combines a lot of coverage options into a single plan that’s intended to cover all the mishaps and disasters that could occur on a trip. Package plans are the most common type of travel insurance sold, but it’s also the most expensive type of travel insurance – costing between 6 and 8% of a traveler’s total trip cost.

The following travelers need a travel insurance package plan: Travelers who are taking a once-in-a-lifetime trip, such as for a sporting event, an anniversary, a honeymoon, etc. If the trip must be cancelled for some reason, you’ll want to recover your losses.

What to consider: Many policies will be null and void if something happens while you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs! If you are traveling in a group for business or leisure, you could save by purchasing one group policy instead of one policy for each individual.

There are two main types of travel insurance – single-trip, which only covers one getaway, or annual multi-trip, which covers you for every trip you make over the course of a year. A single-trip policy is best for people who will only go on one holiday in a 12-month period, and can cost as little as a few pounds. Annual policies can be a cheaper option if you know you’ll be going away several times in a year.

Recent years have seen the collapse of a number of airlines and travel companies, so check the small print to see if you’re covered in this event. If you’re not protected as standard, you could add this extra cover for a fee. Before automatically including baggage cover in your travel insurance, check whether you are already covered under your home contents insurance.

You can buy travel insurance up until the day you leave for a trip. Most policies take 24-48 hours to activate. They don’t start instantaneously! You can buy travel insurance even after you’ve booked your flight, so long as the policy is activitated before you depart on your trip! Even though you can wait until you leave, it’s best to get your travel insurance as soon as possible. Every day you wait, there’s a chance something could happen and you can’t get a travel insurance after something goes wrong. If a hurricane ruins your trip, your travel insurance would only cover you if you bought it before the hurricane formed. Buy a plan the day after you go to the doctor but before he tells you you’re sick? Your plan won’t cover you since your original visit happened BEFORE the plan!

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