Phi Phi island travel attractions

May 20, 2019 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Travel Destinations

Phi Phi island is a fabulous looking tropical gropu of islands. The Phi Phi Islands are an island group in Thailand, between the large island of Phuket and the Straits of Malacca coast of Thailand. The Phi Phi islands are some of the loveliest in Southeast Asia. Just a 45-minute speedboat trip or a 90-minute ferryboat ride from either Phuket or Krabi, these picture postcard islands offer the ultimate tropical getaway. Featuring classic tropical beaches, stunning rock formations and vivid turquoise waters teeming with colourful marine life, it is paradise perfected.

Koh Phi Phi’s climate is tropical and warm throughout the year. The northeast monsoon from November into January is wonderful, with breezy clear days and fragrant cool nights. From February to May the breezes end, and the weather is at its best. From November to May, Phi Phi Island has 26 sunny days per month. The southwest monsoon, from late May to October, brings rain and winds to the west coast of southern Thailand, but there are still 20 sunny days per month. Most often it’s only a cool, late afternoon shower, but there can be rainy days on Koh Phi Phi. Seas can be quite rough during this season and swimmers should be careful.

One of the most popular activities attracting visitors in Koh Phi Phi is kayaking. Most resorts are happy to organise a trip for you, and most kayaks cost around 700 Bhat per day. This is an innovative way to see all the island has to offer, with the boat able to reach secluded caves and parts of the blue waters unreachable by land. Serenely skim across the aqua waters and relax in a kayak for an unforgettable experience on the island. And why not step your kayaking experience up a gear? Paddle boats and waterskiing trips are also extremely popular here, and costs average at around 150 Bhat per day. More info on Phi Phi islands tour.

Maya Bay is another wonderful beach, and has been a huge tourist attraction for Koh Phi Phi for years. The beach itself is mainly accessed by boats which can be caught for a reasonable. The shore of the bay was altered due to the movie, ‘The Beach’, in the 90’s and was changed considerably. However, despite a large lawsuit that ensued after the time of the land developments, the beach remains to be as gorgeous as ever, if not more- surrounded by steep cliffs and green vegetation. The water itself is safe, shallow and crystal clear. Another perfect spot for relaxing, snorkeling and swimming the bay. Cliff jumping in some area’s is also a popular activity, and a great source of fun. Maya Bay is one of the places Koh Phi Phi offers that you would be stupid not to visit.

While Phi Phi is no Koh Tao, there are still loads of stunning dive sites worth visiting. Choose your dive school wisely and make sure you’re 100% comfortable with the company. All the dive schools in Koh Phi Phi have a standardized price so you don’t have to worry about finding the most affordable dive school. In Koh Phi Phi, expect to see lots of macro dive sites, turtles, and reef sharks. The dive sites in Koh Phi Phi Ley are frequented spots by divers due to the plentiful marine life. If you want to venture a bit further, Hin Daeng and Hin Muang are two of my favorite dive spots in Thailand.

This was my favorite spot in all of Phi Phi. You know those pictures of Thailand that look unreal? Imagine a magnificent bay surrounded by pristine emerald waters, steep limestone cliffs, and a gorgeous lagoon; the Pi Leh Bay is one of the best places to to swim in the Phi Phi Leh island. You can get to Pi Leh Bay, one of the most exotic and stunning bays of the Phi Phi islands, in 30 minutes from the center of Koh Phi Phi Don, but if you’re going on a one-day trip to the best spots in Koh Phi Phi like we did, I’m sure your trip will include this bay.